1. I have probably 30 minutes to spare before Allan returns from an orientation session. In that time I could: a) make use of the new (expensive) gym membership Allan paid for this morning or b) give the bathroom a very thorough cleaning but seeing as how I have no inclination to do either, I’ve decided to write a blog post!

2. We are heading to Argos, which has been described to us as Consumers Digest (remember that??) meets Canadian Tire. We have a few more items on our shopping list left from what was otherwise a very, very fruitful outing to Ikea yesterday, where we got Swedish meatballs, plenty of shelving and lots of much-needed kitchen equipment. We also bought 2 extra pillows, extra bedding and towels, plus an extra comforter so we are ready for all our guests (the first of whom will be Mom & Dad Reesor-McDowell in just over a month!).

3. We have no fewer than 8 different types of cheeses in our fridge right now. We’re having grilled cheese, soup + salad for dinner. Yum.

4. It took Allan only one hour this week to find and book great deals for three more trips this term (to Barcelona – a particular steal at just $134 round-trip for both of us -, Brussels, and back to Paris).

5.  The picture up top has nothing to do with this post, I just like to include pictures with blog posts.

6. We received the wonderful postcards from our wedding reception! We had a really great time reading them and laughing. Thanks for your love. Even though living in Europe is amazing (see #3 & 4 above), we really miss you guys.

7. Allan’s back! We’re off!