In the last month we:

– threw a party for 240 of our friends and family and promised to love each other more than anything else
– cleaned out and packed up most of our wordly possessions
– kissed our families good-bye and boarded a plane to the UK on a one-way ticket
– sailed on a cruise in the Mediterranean where we ate, slept and read a lot
– rented a car in Rome and drove through the gently rolling vineyard and olive grove-covered hills of Tuscany by day, staying in a farmhouse bed & breakfast by night
– moved into and scrubbed clean our new flat in Central London
– jetted out to Paris on an extended weekend-getaway, hitting up as many food markets as we possibly could
– attended orientation and started classes for our master’s programs 
– celebrated our one-month anniversary with a supper at home of salad and leftover curry
It’s been a great month. Here’s to many more anniversaries :)