“Hi mom!” My mom has been telling me that I should update my blog so here I am (she also says, “How come you don’t use your writing to help people?”). Just teasing, mom (I love you). Christmas and New Year’s was a fantastic whirlwind of travel, friends, food, and fun, but more on that later.

Allan and I are back to school and I know that if I don’t take a moment now to pause, I might not have the opportunity again for another eleven weeks. So at the start of a new calendar year and a third of the way into our honeyyear I thought it fitting to take stock of where we are now. I can tell you that I have memorized our postal code down cold (signing up for lots of coupons and ordering things off Amazon will do that to you) but I can only get about six digits into my 11-digit cell number before I start second-guessing myself. I’m more apt to say “pounds” than “dollars” now when describing how much something costs though I still don’t have all the British coins straight in my head (there are a whopping eight of them – you can find an excellent tutorial here) and thereby resort to always paying with bills to avoid the embarrassment of having to study the change I hand over, which has led to a small mountain of coins in our flat. I still get caught off guard when asked “You alright?” (the British equivalent of “How’s it going?”, the correct answer to which, Allan was informed by a Brit, is: “Good thanks and you?” and not our current default awkward “Uh…yes”), I am in serious Asian-food withdrawal and I have no idea which direction to look first when crossing the street. But joking aside, we are happy and healthy, enjoying navigating our new city and life as a newly-married couple. More seasoned married folk may smile at our naivete but being married is pretty fun. I hope that never changes.

After our Canadian visitors left this past Friday afternoon (I miss you Annie & Ben! Come back to me!) I had meant to dive head-first back into the swing of things this weekend with laundry, groceries, cleaning and bill-paying on the list. But we both felt a touch under the weather so we laid low on Saturday, not venturing once out of our flat (though Allan did make a trip down to reception to collect our CSA organic vegetable box – let me stop you before you comment on how much we’ve turned into yuppies). This also gave us a convenient excuse to polish off the second season of Game of Thrones aka best television show ever.

We had a quiet Sunday as well, which was purposeful this time. I love lists, goals, and challenges so New Year’s resolutions are fun for me – though I recall with equal parts amusement and dismay that my current resolutions very closely resemble a list I found in my drawer that I’d made in junior high: Keep my room clean! Spend quiet time with God every day! More physical activity! Go to bed at a reasonable time! A repeat resolution that I do hope to tackle this year is observing the Sabbath, that is, taking time off on Sundays to rest, enjoy church, and be with God and family.

We enjoyed service at the new church we’ve chosen and then spent the afternoon with Jenn & Stephen and their little bundle of cuteness.

Emma was just looking at the camera a second ago, I swear...

Emma was just looking at the camera a second ago, I swear…


We miss our little friends from home (hi Sophie/Clara/Asher/River/Elden/Charlie/Rhys/Chloe! We miss you! Don’t forget what we look like!) so it’s been great getting to hang out with Emma. We wandered London for a few hours with no specific aim or purpose. It felt Sabbath-y, and very good for the soul.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I’ll be posting stories and pictures of our travels soon.