Winnie's bdayAfter having two boys, a baby girl finally arrived in our family 30 years ago. In Chinese, she was named “Wing Yin” by her Grandma (mother side) and granduncle (father’s side).  “Wing” means smart, bright and brilliant.  “Yin” means blossom, radiant and beaming.  In the Chinese culture, a name always bears the family’s wish on the child. However, to us, we just wish Wing Yin (Winnie) to have a happy life.

Winnie grew up as an all-embracing person. She takes pleasure in everything she does and lives every day to the fullest. Among all her talents, writing is a distinct gift from God. Her writings inspire and touch a lot of people’s heart.  As early as grade six, her valedictorian speech brought tears to her teacher’s eyes.

Winnie is loving and caring, bringing lots of blessings to people around her. She is always there if you need somebody to listen or talk to. Her total understanding and support is never failing. She would laugh with you and cry with you.

In high school and University, Winnie had the privilege of travelling to various parts of the world, to experience different cultures and to explore God’s wonderful creation on earth.  This gave her a glimpse of the global need where her passion now lies.

Winnie, we thank God for bringing you to our lives. You are a blessing from God that we will forever enjoy. Thank you for bringing the family lots of joy and happiness. You have been so loving, caring, sensitive to our needs and touching our hearts. It is really an honour to be your parents. Thank you for bringing Allan to the family too. I am sure you both will pursue your dreams together under God’s guidance.

Happy 30th Birthday!

Dad and Mom