Thanks for the cards, calls, e-mails, hugs, well-wishes and general birthday love! If Wednesday was any indication, being 30 is going to be awesome. I got some lovely flowers that have found a home on our living room windowsill, cheering up the gray British skies when I look out the window (also – maybe someone should’ve gotten me flower-arranging lessons for my birthday).

A couple days before my birthday I was returning a few books at my local public library when I spied this cookbook from my favourite food blog/recipe site, ever, on the shelves. I suppressed a delighted squeal, returned home with it and proceeded to sit on the couch for two hours and ignore Allan, reading the cookbook like a novel. Actually that’s not true, I paid attention to him long enough to gush over how I wanted to eat everything she makes and then plotted my strategy out loud for how I could own this library book forever; I finally narrowed it down to either telling the library I had lost the book and paying the fine (though I looked it up and the fine was £16, which is more than the cost of the book) or never setting foot inside the library again and just leaving the country with the book (this actually may have worked). Allan told me to go ahead and buy the book but to think about it for a few days, which I agreed to.

Around lunchtime on my birthday I was assembling a couple of salads for a casual dinner later that evening when Allan walked in with an Amazon package the size of that book and, well, I’m sure you can guess what came next! Allan managed to finagle free overnight shipping and now I’m the proud owner of a lovely cookbook that I cuddle with at night.

Jenn is so crafty!

Jenn is so crafty!

That evening Jenn and Stephen graciously offered to host and Allan wonderfully organized a birthday get-together with a bunch of our friends in the building, replete with Chinese food, beverages, cake, and much merriment. I don’t love being the centre of attention but I did want to gather my new friends and hang out with them – and it was awesome! Much credit goes to the three people mentioned above. And thanks to all of you again for your thoughtfulness.