It really is the best.

It really is the best.

I bought this little tub of gelato on the way home from school one particularly warm and beautiful afternoon last week. A grown woman, completely absorbed in happily licking an ice cream cone, walked by me on the street and, immediately inspired, I turned around and marched to the grocery to lose myself in frozen dessert nirvana as well. This gelato was on sale for £2(! As opposed to the normal £5!) until the end of April and I had been looking for the perfect opportunity to buy it. We don’t have a freezer in our flat so the timing had to be right: we had to eat it immediately, and be hungry enough to attempt to finish it. It was delicious – smooth and cold and creamy – but in the end, we were over-ambitious. We now have a half-eaten tub of pistachio sitting in Jenn and Stephen’s freezer and a half-eaten tub of Amaretto in Mona and Rob’s freezer, patiently waiting for us until the ice cream craving strikes again.

When I think of the end of April I think of the end of this gelato being on sale and I also think of a month that completely passed me by. Where did April go?? I barely got to know her.

I’ve decided for the month of May that I’m going to embark on a project to take at least one photograph every day and post it on the blog. The purpose of this is multi-fold. Firstly, I’m a terrible photographer, and I’m hoping that encouraging myself to take photographs will help me turn my DSLR into more than a point-and-shoot. Secondly, you may have noticed that I often have long lags between my posts, when my writing voice just doesn’t have anything to say (or nothing suitable enough for such a public forum, in any case). Posting a picture every day will force my blog and I to get more friendly with each other. Finally, I sometimes find that the hardest part of posting on the blog is finding a suitable picture so I’m going to try some reverse inspiration – posting a picture and letting it inspire some writing. And see what I did there by calling this a ‘project’? That way I won’t feel bad when I’m using it to procrastinate instead of reviewing for exams. (Allan: “What did you do today?” Winnie: “Oh, I worked on a project.”)

Really, though, my hope is that taking pictures of my life and writing every day will help me more fully experience the month of May. I’m hoping May will sit and stay a while; that we’ll chat and get to know each other over an early morning mug of  coffee or a cozy night wrapped in a blanket with a cup of tea. And when it’s time for her to leave I’ll be sad and ask her not to go but of course she will, and at least I’ll have some great pictures and stories to remember her by.