If you’re wondering why I post so many pictures of things I’m eating, it’s because some days I don’t do anything more than study, shower and eat, and I think we’ll all agree that the first two don’t make for fun pictures. Today was such a day, though I did manage to drag myself out the door to go for a run (that obnoxious sound you hear is me patting myself on the back).

All mature students should get married, if only because there is someone around to cook proper meals for you, instead of descending into the sad world of white carbs and instant foods, also known as the exam-time diet (I ran into a classmate on Friday and she glumly told me that “I haven’t eaten vegetables in five days” …and she’s vegetarian). Allan has cheerfully and enthusiastically taken on the role of head – and currently sole – chef of the flat while I prepare for exams, reinvigorating old favourites and boldly cooking new recipes. He’s currently taking us on a culinary tour of the world, starting with yesterday’s curried lentils. Today for lunch there was Persian lentil rice seasoned with turmeric and cumin and topped with ground beef and raisins, a recipe that we picked up from an Iranian man at church. After a carb-ful lunch Allan loaded our plates with veggies and protein during dinner, with pan-seared spicy chicken and sauteed mushrooms and onions on mixed greens, with a side of Greek salad based on this excellent recipe. Coming up this week – African groundnut stew!