We realized as we were eating dinner with the Doxsees this evening that in exactly one week they’ll be on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic, heading back home to Toronto.

Lebanese food!

This is mildly devastating for me as Jenn and Stephen (and of course Emma) have been really important to us here. Jenn and I were co-workers back home. She, Stephen and I were in Malawi together exactly one year ago (I suppose baby Emma was there too, in Jenn’s belly!). When we found out that the three of them would be moving to London at the same time as us for Jenn to do a Master’s program, Allan said, “I bet we’re going to be really good friends.” He was right.

We did it Emma! We’re both looking at the camera!

It got even better than them moving to London; they were going to be living in the same building as us. They live three floors below us and on most weeks we find at least two or three reasons to hang out together. Way beyond fulfilling neighbourly clichés of borrowing eggs and cups of sugar (which we do), we’ve shared countless meals, talks and walks. But mostly, we’ve spent many a night in sweatpants contemplating issues of religion, politics, social justice, international development, and just trying to figure out this crazy world (okay, there’s a lot of pop culture in there too, courtesy of Jenn and me) – all over bowls of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream.

Emma looks exactly like her dad… and has the sweet & feisty personality of her mom ;)

Allan and I were talking this morning about how it can be hard to form deep, meaningful friendships in a year, so we’re extra glad that we’ve had Jenn and Stephen along with us for the ride in London. I’m currently in denial that they’re heading home next week since this is the only way I can concentrate on studying for exams, so please don’t burst my bubble!