Seeing as how this is the last in a series of fun (for me) daily pictures and posts, I had good intentions to write something meaningful or reflective. At the very least I was going to post a spectacular picture showcasing my new skills in photography masking poorly composed photos with simple photo editing (cropping helps too). But I only had time today for one of either going for a run or taking a walk with my camera in hand, and sadly the run won out (haha! Humblebrag alert!).

So instead, I bring you an awesome photo of a trivet we bought in Turkey, acting as a podium for our current collection of chutneys (L-R apple-walnut, real ale, mango). Wait, is that a humblebrag? Or is it just a brag? Or is it just really weird to have three open jars of chutney between two people?? Sigh, being so clever is really tiring, I think I’m going to go to bed.

PS: Humblebrags, elsewhere.

PPS: Thanks for your kind words on this month of photos. I really did have fun and it made me more mindful of each day going by in May. But still, I can’t believe tomorrow’s June 1!