Friends, your heartfelt sympathies and understanding after Mango died have been incredible. We miss our furry friend and it still seems like an impossibility that she’s gone! But your kind words and thoughts have helped immensely – thank you.


My parents arrived in London on Thursday for a visit that’s been planned for months. I met them at Heathrow and there were a few tears but many more smiles. Mostly, I was overwhelmed with how much I’ve missed them. The night they arrived I laid on the sofa-bed while my mom rubbed my feet for a long time, and it felt like everything (except maybe one) was right with the world.

The weather has been perfect for them. Other than a one hour outing at the British Museum though, they haven’t done anything touristy. They’ve just been relaxing, catching up on sleep, and eating.

We took a detour on the way to the British Museum so my parents could see Allan's school...

We took a detour on the way to the British Museum so my parents could see Allan’s school…

…and my school!

There’s more to come in the relaxing/sleeping/eating department as we hop a cruise to Scandinavia tomorrow! I know we should have more refined or adventurous travel tastes, and believe me I’m aptly embarrassed about my fondness for cruises, but I can’t help it: I still love ‘em and it makes me a bit giddy to think about it (soon to be replaced, unfortunately, with motion sickness). Hope to update from a Nordic city!