We hopped on the Eurostar bound for Paris late yesterday evening for the last time. Destination: the land of cheese, pains au chocolat, lazy afternoons laying out in parks, and…Suvit!

My childhood (adolescent-hood?) friend Suvit moved to Paris in March for work and immediately invited us to stay with him. As a testament to his coolness, his flat has a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The tip of the Eiffel tower, as seen from Suvit's kitchen window.

The tip of the Eiffel tower, as seen from Suvit’s kitchen window (check out the cloudless blue skies that are supposed to stick around for our entire visit).

I don’t have a picture of us with Suvit yet as we arrived after midnight and he left for work early this morning. He’s working the entire time we’re visiting, which works out just as well since Allan and I are still putting in long days polishing up our dissertations. I wrote my supervisor an e-mail this morning, in response to a request that I send her some work by Friday, that said (no joke), “At the risk of sounding like an undedicated student, I am in Paris right now and the weather is amazing.” We’ll see how that goes over.